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Jim Roseveare – Site number: 102222


The BlackShed Gallery (and surrounding woodlands) Russet Farm, Robertsbridge TN32 5NG

Launch: Saturday 10 September 5pm to 8pm
Exhibition dates: 12 Sept – 19 Nov

Jim Roseveare is a member of the Royal Society of Sculptors. His thirty or so years experience of working as an arboriculturalist means he has an everyday awareness of the ways humans relate to nature. Managing and interacting with trees has given him an intense consciousness of the relationship between nature and culture. More than that, it has enabled him to ponder time on a large scale and to be acutely aware of impermanence. Human technologies, extraction processes
and materials manufacture have developed to provide us with the notion that we are in control of the natural world … but ultimately all of our dabblings inevitably decay, fall into ruins and return to the earth.

He sees tree surgery itself as an, albeit more utilitarian, form of sculpture that runs in tandem
with the constantly changing cycles of growth, dormancy, decline and decay. His work is a
form of dance that like a sheepdog herds the flock of mutability. Roseveare’s art incorporates concrete, organic materials and debris swept from surrounding ground surfaces. The very fact that this exhibition will not only be hosted in the gallery itself, but also in surrounding woodland, embodies the very core themes and concepts that have preoccupied the artist throughout his life.

Photograph Alexander Brattell
Text Gareth Stevens

the blackShed gallery
01580 881247

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10/09/2022 – 10/09/2022

12/09/2022 – 19/10/2022


The blackShed Gallery, Robertsbridge, UK