Coastal Currents

Artist: Alexander Brattell

Alexander Brattell

Alexander Brattell has been Coastal Currents’ photographer since 2012. In 2020 Alexander opened up his studio for our Digital Open Studios film series.



“I document the sensation of seeing, fixing moments of heightened awareness in a search for resonance beyond subject matter. My photography is a personal animism preoccupied with shapes of thought and the revelatory nature of peripheral vision. It is the recognition of an alphabet of sensation that lies beneath the threshold of language.

A spirit of place often emerges from the work, but at its core is the impulse to articulate the nature of experience and maintain contact with the miraculous within the mundane.

I continue to work in a traditional way, printing my own images in a darkroom. This transmission of light, the analogue journey via the latent image to the final print, remains for me the most effective simulacrum.”


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