Coastal Currents

GROUNDED/Screening 5 : Saturday 8 August, 6pm – 9 August, 6pm


Wild Car

An exploration of time and space, in which the past is before you.

Graeme Miller,  Wild Car (2020), video, 01.16.40

An opportunity to view Graeme Millers recently completed Wild Car 

Shot on iPhone in the winter of 2019, Wild Car, an improvised rail vehicle, follows the narrow-gauge tracks of Europe to make a single mesmeric journey. This is a work of mourning shot before Brexit, composed under lockdown. 


Best viewed in one sitting and with phones or speakers.


Courtesy of the artist


Artist biography


Graeme Miller (b. 1956, London) Lives and works between London and East Sussex


Graeme Miller is an artist and composer working internationally across a range of media in the gallery, installed environments and in the landscape. His work emerged from performance and often generates situational encounters or reflective spaces for the viewer or listener.