Coastal Currents

Dance Movies

27 September, 7.30pm
Tickets £12 book

Exspira Machina/Kwaidan AI
Yumino Seki/Mark French/Afrit Nebula
A ghost in the machine trapped by a scanner, unable to escape her own memory. Live performance by Yumino Seki and Afrit Nebula.

Experiments with a Danse Macabre
Nichola Bruce/Patricia Langa/Daniel Day-Gordon
Confined within ever decreasing walls and a world of projected images, dancer Patricia Langa can fi nd no visible means of escape.

Klipperty Klopp 2
Andrew Kotting/Yumino Seki
Split-screen installation re-creating Kotting’s original film on the earthworks of Winchcombe Common.

I Am Weather
Rebecca Marshall/Nichola Bruce/Clare Whistler
Triptych projection filmed at The Library of Water, Stykkishulmur, Iceland. Dancer Clare Whistler is viewed through a lighthouse lens and falling water.