Coastal Currents

Andrew Catlin

Opening Hours: 31 August/1 September and 7/8 September 11am-6pm

Matrix | Music | Mobile

Matrix explores rhythm, space and time to provide a unique way to see. Frames are separately composed but graphically connected. “Andrew Catlin’s compositional skill is part scientific, part musical, part photographic. Both hybrid and singular; time suspended, time passing, time measured in still, unfolding moments. Time arranged in mathematical rhythm, in musical sequence, in critical moments. He is obsessive, meticulous and rigorous, but also a quiet, unobtrusive observer of the everyday sublime. It shines brightly though these pictures.”

Music has been a professional subject for Catlin for decades, covering many of the world’s most influential artists. His iconic images have been widely published, and include an extraordinary diversity of genres and events. Mobile is a collection of fleeting moments captured with a phone – a quirky response to the modern condition of having a camera in the hand at all times.

Small images, composed to be viewed on a phone become more intriguing and revealing when printed. The work applies a photographer’s eye in a medium that, although apparently superficial, has a unique presence different to any other photographic tool.

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