1-30 September 2018
[Open Studios 1/2 and 8/9 Sep]


Saturday 9 September from 1pm
On top of Warrior Square Public Toilets

South East Kent and London based Matt Mahony-Page is currently studying an MA in Contemporary Art Practice: Performance at the Royal College of Art in London.

“I think what created a point of entry for performance within my work was disliking the subject to begin with and also how comfortable I sometimes felt in making videos.

Video was a turning point for me as it created issues that needed to be resolved. Some of these issues were of authorship and control.”

Working in and around the live event, Mahony-Page’s performances address the subject of labour, questioning its value and self-determining its exchange.

“Often resulting in anticlimactic but inevitable finishes, so-called ‘meeting points’, between myself and the chosen objects or materials.”

With labour in mind, the work tends to have a strong sense of task-doing or fulfilling of an objective, this is usually carried out through absurd but sometimes playful means, with undertones of failure, futility, human condition or hardship.

“The performance will use specific materials and actions relating to these types of exchanges. I aim to take on or rather embody these somewhat unfair or dead-end exchanges.”