1-30 September 2018
[Open Studios 1/2 and 8/9 Sep]



Sunday 3 September from 1pm
On top of Warrior Square Public Toilets (Warrior Square Seafront)

A durational performance testing relations between body and space

Burgoyne’s practice unites process-led, rule-based repetition, endurance, accumulation and duration.
Burgoyne seeks to test or expand alternative relations between body and site with regard to space and thinking. Be they absurd or beguiling, Burgoyne proposes new dialogues and frameworks that seek to generate a condition of becoming, translation and flux instead of stasis; a site of experience rather than merely location.

The chosen site is an elevated, in-between space; buffeted by the sea and passed by a constant flow of traffic. Burgoyne will seek to immerse us in its island-like status, something of a drifting Raft of the Medusa, whilst acknowledging its position as the roof of public toilet and all that this may evoke.

The performance and subsequent film to be shown in the window of the British Heart Foundation shop located on the seafront will see Burgoyne and his colleagues move back and forth, following the changing, sporadic rhythms of the traffic and tides while emphasising the limits of the space. The static toilet roof becomes a turbulent site, seemingly swaying and rocking as an absurd keep-fit workout of sorts ensues.

Greig Burgoyne was born in Glasgow, Scotland; he studied at the HAK Vienna and Royal College of Art London. Recent projects 2016/17 included Quadraturin La confection Idéale Tourcoing France; Breathing Space in collaboration with La Verita Dance Company Brussels at Centre Culturel Balavoine France; Draw to Perform 3 London; Scapelands DrawingBox Tournai (B); WhiteNoise Centre for Recent Drawing London; GapFillers Briggait project spaces 1+2 Wasps Glasgow; FAX Karst Plymouth curated by The Drawing Centre New York

Projects in 2017 include Embodied Cartographies Fringe Arts Bath; WhiteNoise published by Marmalade Visual theory- launch at RIBA London; Close encounters commissioned by The Stove Network Scotland; P/ROPS Ghent Belgium; State of Line- survey of Contemporary Drawing Artworks 1830 gallery Halifax.