1-30 September 2018
[Open Studios 1/2 and 8/9 Sep]

Morley Farm Barn Open Studio

Morley Farm Barn Studio, Beckley Road, Northiam, TN31 6JB


01797 253970



01797 253970

Bill Watson and Angela Eames moved to Northiam, Rye in 2013 having lived and worked in London for many years. Their studio is newly built in the grounds of Morley Farm Barn. You are invited to view the work of both artists.

Bill Watson / Sculptor – wood construction, drawing, text, architecture, model.

“All the words in this book are in an entirely random order.”

My practice over the years has seen many explorations of the object-image-name triumvirate. Words have appeared and disappeared at fairly regular intervals on my structures. The making of wooden books resurfaced in about 2000 and has been fairly consistent ever since.

Angela Eames / Drawer – landscape, object, line, colour, print, photograph.

“Cast on 30 stitches. 1st row: knit. 2nd row: purl. Continue for 38 rows. Draw and manipulate thread by hand and eye in virtual space.
Turn and twist through space until 1140 stitches.
Knitted daisies.”

Knitted meshes / landscapes / daisies / field prints.

Opening Hours: 2/3 & 9/10 September 11am – 6pm