Coastal Currents

Mark Shepherd


Graze on Grand, 16 Grand Parade, St Leonards on Sea, TN37 6DN

Wed – Thu 11am – 6pm,
Fri – Sat 11am – 9pm,
Sun 11am – 5pm

Born east of the River Severn, under the shadows of the Malvern hills, in Worcester in the late 70’s, Shepherds’ process tends towards automatism, often driven from a spontaneous impulse to make primal marks, composed using a well-honed toolbox of mark making techniques, broad palette, and a passion for texture. Receptive to serendipity, Mark will arrive at his destination – but instant art this is not; this is art that reveals itself gradually.
07950 761774
01424 439736


07/09/2022 – 11/09/2022

14/09/2022 – 18/09/2022

21/09/2022 – 25/09/2022

28/09/2022 – 30/09/2022


Graze on Grand, 16 Grand Parade, Saint Leonards-on-sea TN37 6DN, UK