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Coastal Currents Arts Show

Join us for another two-hour creative takeover of Isolation Station Hastings this Saturday 23rd! Tune in at 3pm to see Jenny Miller (Barefoot Opera) with Bloom Britannia: Taster session for all comers! It is always a pleasure to hear Jenny's voice and now you have the chance to without even leaving your home! Then at 4pm, we have the wonderful Sue Townshend! Sue is a local creative and works at Battle Abbey School. Sue is going to be talking through previous projects that Coastal Currents and Battle Abbey have collaborated on plus a new opportunity coming up!

Posted by Isolation Station Hastings on Saturday, 23 May 2020


Coastal Currents Arts Show

Join us for another TWO HOUR Takeover of Isolation Station Hastings! This Saturday from 3pm we bring you our usual creative and musical back to back session. Tune into Isolation Station Hastings Facebook Page at 3pm to watch live! Starting first with local Photographer Alex Brattell. Alex has been working as a photographer since the 80s and has a truly impressive back catalogue to show for it. "Life Must Be Lived Forwards"β€˜An hour of books, pictures & objects. Some of the things that have inspired me and inform the pictures that I make. Browsing through shelves and boxes I'll be talking about conjuring, collage, Austin Spare, William Blake, JG Ballard and plenty more that have helped to form the attitudes and atmospheres that find their way into the photographs I make in my darkroom.’Then 4pm we are super super lucky to have Dj Nikki Beatnik, world famous urban DJ to the stars. Kelis' tour DJ will play you a free set brought straight into your home! We ask you yet again to get your dancing shoes on and get moving because no one said isolation had to be boring! DJ NIKKI BeatnikAlexander BrattellCoastal CurrentsIsolation Station Hastings #stayhomestaycreative #hastings#djnikkibeatnik #isolationart #isolationmusicAudiotrope

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Coastal Currents Isolation Station Takeover – JITG Special!

Stay Home and Stay Safe this Saturday with our Coastal Currents Isolation Station Hastings Takeover! This weekend we bring you Benjamin Phillips, local artist illustrator for a whole hour giving a true nod to Jack in the Green with his garden inspired drawing session. (He did the BT box with the Monkeys next to Swan Terrace) Then straight after at 4pm streaming live all the way from Tennessee USA we bring you the oh so soulful Heidi Burson! Think Aretha Franklin! Get those dusty dancing shoes on that you can't normally wear out of the house, and lets celebrate Jack In the Green with some style! 15:00 – 16:00 Benjamin Phillips16:00 – 17:00 Heidi Burson@Coastal Currents@Isolation Station Hastings #stayhomestaycreative #hastings #Hastingsjackinthegreen #JITG #isolationar t#isolationmusicAudiotrope

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Coastal Currents Arts Festival Takeover

This Saturday, tune in for another Coastal Currents two hour takeover of Isolation Station. We have a great lineup with Loulou Cousins at 3pm showing you her mechanical card cartoons. Then 3:30pm Drew Copus – a Coastal Currents super star showing off his stencil skills and finally at 4pm a whole hour of Adam Dando taking us from start to finish on one of his paintings.Stay Home, Stay Creative and Stay Safe! @adamdandoart @droobie_art @cousinloulou #hastingsartists #coastalcurrents #isolationstation #stayhome #livestream #Hastings

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Coastal Current's Arts Show 2 Hour Special

Every week Coastal Currents are bringing you some Festival magic from Isolation Station Hastings right to your home. We will present artists associated with the Festival every Saturday. Sharing our makers, painters, potters, illustrators, street artists, musicians, sound artists and much more… streaming live from Facebook. Stay home, stay positive, keep the creative economy going…

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Coastal Current's Arts Show

Legendary local arts festival, Coastal Currents present an artist in this weekly slot. This Saturday 9th at 3pm tune in to Isolation Station Hastings to see Jenny Miller (Barefoot Opera) BREATHE MOVE SING!Then at 3:30 Adam Dando and a glimpse into his creative brain πŸ™ŒπŸŒŸπŸ‘Œ

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Coastal Currents Presents: Ed Boxall Songs and Poems for Children.

Posted by Isolation Station Hastings on Saturday, 4 April 2020