Coastal Currents

Help make the 2020 Festival happen

Coastal Currents 2020

Firstly, thanks to everyone who helped pull off Coastal Currents 2019. It was a battle of wills at times and I am so thankful to everyone who helped contribute in tiny ways right up to those that stepped up and helped financially.
However, it was also an uphill struggle to kick start the faith in finding the cash, and the only way we could move forward with confidence was the very generous crowdfunded. This allowed us to match fund and leverage other funding against it and just about squeeze enough out of many different supporters to put on the festival you saw happen!
But we did it on a shoestring. 
Helped support the creative economy of the area on essentially buttons.
So many people worked so hard as they love what the Festival does and what it stands for.
The September buzz. 
The art on the streets.
The collaborations.
Most of all, the opportunities…
To be seen,
To make art,
For fun,
To sell things,
To make friends,
For commissions.
To explore, learn and participate.
For education and inspiration.
An extension of the season but with a beautiful focus on what is good from here. The people and things that inspire.
So, help us do it all again.
We must be mad.
If we can meet the £5k of last year, we can start this crazy wheel turning again.
We are acting as if it is on the cards, but nothing can happen without some funding…
So help us make Coastal Currents Arts Festival 2020 a reality.
Share the 2020 fundraiser as we need the cash before March!