Coastal Currents

Greg Shapter


Single Point Perspective piece
Throughout the Festival
Greg Shapter is a sculptor who grew up in the small artist community Carmel. Surrounded by art and like-minded individuals he was always interested in finding new ways to express concepts already familiar to the viewer, thus encouraging him or her to re-evaluate that concept.

Originally working with 2D mediums such as pencil, pen, ink and paint, he found them limiting so looked to use materials such as wood, concrete, glass, plastic, and fiberglass instead as mediums of 3D sculpture. Added to this, Shapter developed a great interest in techniques that emit light, such as neon tubing, LED’s, lasers, and even fire.

Commissioned with filling a derelict wall whilst being immersed in the vibrant architectural industry in London, Shapter created a new type of public art piece set on different planes which he called ‘Single Point Perspective’.

Coastal Currents has commissioned Shapter to create a new site-specific piece which will be installed in the Silverhill area. Keep your eyes peeled.