Coastal Currents

Grand Coastal Postcard Hunt – Eastbourne

7 September 2019
10am outside Hastings Contemporary
Or 1pm De La Warr Pavilion
Or 3.30pm Towner Gallery

12:40 St Leonards to Bexhill
14:47 Bexhill to Eastbourne

The Grand Coastal Postcard Hunt will take you on a magical mystery tour of the Sussex coastline giving you many opportunities to find and win amazing artworks by fantastic artists.

We asked a heap of the most talented artists we knew including Alexander Brattell, Alison Wilding, Amy Sharrocks, Alessandra Spranzi, Ben Fenton, Caroline Achaintre, Drew Copus, Etienne Le Comte, Geraldine Swayne, Godith Hawkins, Harold Offeh, Leo Leigh, Marie Louise Miller, Maslen and Mehra (in collaboration with DELETE), Michelle Mildenhall, Molly Anne Barrett, Oscar Yasamee, Peter Quinnell, Rachel Williams, Robert Ellis, Sadie Hennessy, Sam King, Sassy Luke, Scott Robertson, Shuby, Sophie Barber, Susan Miller, Tom Banks.

Follow us on social media on the day to find the clues, follow the hunt and bag yourself a free piece of valuable original art.

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Take a look at some of the artworks available:

Alexander Brattell

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Alison Wilding


Paper Thin, Amy Sharrocks 


Ben Fenton 


Caroline Achiantre 
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Drew Copus 

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Geraldine Swayne 


Godith Hawkins
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Harold Offeh 

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Leo Leigh 


Marie Louise Miller 

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Mystery, Michelle Mildenhall 

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Molly Anne Barrett 

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Peter Quinnell 

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Rachel Williams 
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Robert Ellis

Expect the Unexpected, Sadie Hennessy 

#banned, Sam King 
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Sassy Luke 

Five minutes in the afternoon sun admiring the beauty of a bamboo whick for tea, made by mastercraftsman Mr Kizo Nakata.
Two minutes in the afternoon sun admiring the beauty of a bamboo whick for tea, made by mastercraftsman Mr Kizo Nakata.
Scott Robertson 
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Cahokia Mounds, Sophie Barber

INSTAGRAM – #SophieBarberPostcard

Susan Miller 

Two Trees, Acrylic, Gouache & Luminious Ink, Tom Banks
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Oscar Yasamee
INSTAGRAM – #OscarYasameePostcard

Alessandra Spranzi