Coastal Currents


COVID and CC FAQ do you go about taking part in Coastal Currents this year?

There are a variety of ways but the bottom line is you register a submission and pay a wee fee to be in the grand digital brochure.

We will distribute this all over the place.

With the same aims as always:

*Marketing this creative coast
*Showcasing the artists, venues and influences of the coastline
*Creating commissions
*Creating opportunities 
*Packaging all the good bits and telling people about it – so we can sustain the creative economy here!


(Anything in September or October counts – we will even consider November & December – it’s a weird year, let’s go with it)

Can I still hold an Open Studio


1)You can sign up for a Digital Open Studio and we will help you create some video (adhering to whatever restrictions we need to).

2)You can decide to host an Outdoor Open Studio. Get yourself a Capri tent, a trestle table and an iZettle. Don’t forget your masks, wipes and social distancing signage…we can even help you with all that nearer the time!

3)If your studio space is big enough, ventilated enough, outdoor enough or complies with whatever regulations needed, you can open as normal. 

Just think about:

*Whether you provide any hand washing facilities
*If you provide toilets etc – what your procedures and cleaning routine will be
*Do you need to limit how many customers at a time?
*Do you implement a no touching rule?
*Do you ask people to wear masks/ other procedures?
*Do you want to provide a “private” Private View for anyone vulnerable?

4)You can submit your own Virtual Open Studio by hosting a sale on your website or socials on the Open Studio weekends (5/6 And 12/13 September)

This can be done:

*As a live broadcast on your site and co streamed by us
*As a e-commerce socials blast
*As a pre-recorded event

Can I still hold an Event or Exhibition?


If your event or exhibition complies with the current rules around social distancing and government and HSE guidelines are adhered to, as well as PLI purchased to cover the event, then this is up to the production company to get the relevant permissions and licenses. Coastal Currents cannot be held responsible for any events or exhibitions that don’t comply or put anyone at risk. This is up to the individual event organiser. Coastal Currents can advise, however we are in no way responsible for each individual listing or associated event. 

We would advise:

*The event organiser checks the HSE website for advice
*The event organiser checks with their insurer
*The event organiser provides adequate PPE to keep themselves, employees and the public safe
*The event organiser checks with the local council
*The event organiser ensures they have a clear refund policy in the event of cancellations

Useful Links

HSE Coronavirus (COVID-19)
HSE Event safety Coronavirus (COVID‑19)

Are you still printing the physical brochure?


Without Arts Council funding for the 2020 Festival and without the usual income from Open Studios, Advertising and Sponsors this year, we can’t afford the printing costs of previous years. We are seeing the advantages of this rather than the disadvantages:

*We can develop our international audiences
*We can create a kick ass digital brochure containing all the digital content from isolation times
*We can be much more generous with the virtual space than we can with print
*We can add interactive materials and links to your work and sites, shops and exhibitions

How do I get on AudioTrope or Socials/Live Stream?

If you take part in Open Studios there will be plenty of opportunities to promote yourself on our social channels including “lives”. You can contact us if you want to create some content for the Coastal Currents socials.

If you want to join Audiotrope – send us your Channel ID to


Can I still advertise with the Festival?


We offer many advertising opportunities from:

*Website Ads

Just get in touch at


How can I help the Festival?

*By volunteering
*By spreading the word and following our socials
*By donating to our crowdfunder 
*By attending the Open Studios or Events

**If the Arts Council open Project Funds with enough time for artists to submit bids – eg: Under 15k would be 6 weeks decision times – so decision required by mid July. Although we will continue to run Coastal Currents digital content until the end of the year.