Coastal Currents

Coastal Currents Art Fair

The Coastal Currents Art Fair:  Stade Hall from 2 – 13 September.

Weekdays   11:00 – 16:00
Weekends   10:00 – 16:00 

Work from 45 local artists will be on rotation and available to buy at our first ever Art Fair! Everything is under £500, so come on down and nab yourself a bargain.

Below we have listed all the artists involved and teasers of their work. We’re very excited about the pieces we’re getting for this…




Alexander Brattell   

Title: St Clement, Old Romney, October 2016.   
Photograph: 11″ x 14″ silver gelatin print. Artist proof.   

Frame: 55 x 45cm.   
Print: 35.6 x 27.9cm.   
Image size: 28 x 19cm (approx)   


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Anna Pontonutti

Title: Rye Harbour

Size: 60 x 80cm


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Ben Urban  

Title: Repechage (2018)  
3 stage screen print on paper (edition of 13)  

Size: 63 x 50cm  

£260.00 (framed)  
£160.00 (unframed)  

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  Benjamin Phillips

  Title: A Sense of Place
  A2 Colour Screen Print (Black & Fluro Orange) 270gsm
  Colorplan Frost White A2, 594mm by 420mm 1 from an Edition of 23

  Size: 59.4 x 42cm


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Birgitta Wilson  

Title: Summer Blues  

Size: 40 x 40cm  


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    Fiona Pienkowska 

  Hand pulled Drypoint print AP ( Artist Proof)

  Size: 73 x 53cm






Christopher James  

Title: Dunnock  

Size: 28 x 22cm  

£ 390  


 Claire Fletcher

 Title: Armchair acrylic on paper

 Size: 44 x 37cm


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Cynthia Duncan 

Title: Pierced! 
Watercolour and Pencil on Paper, framed 38cm x 48cm 

Size: 38 x 48cm (framed) 

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  Drew Copus

  Title: Vagina Study 1
  Spray paint, Stencil, on reclaimed plywood board.

  Size: 59.4 x 84.1 (Approx)


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Elliott Young   

Title: Handsome and the Beast   

Size: 29.7 X 21.0   


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  Erin Veness

  Title: Untitled 12
  A2 Framed Giclee Print

  Size: 76.6 x 59.4


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Eva Riegler

Title: The Nest
From the series “In The Feminine”

Size: 37 X 47





Geraldine Swayne

Title: Girl in Faust

Size: 60x40cm

£300 (framed)

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Godith Hawkins   

Title: A Heap of Raw Material   

Size: 83.04 x 99.06cm   


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  Grande Dame

  Title: Reward For The Righteous
  Inspired by Victorian gravestone symbolism – meaning hope for heaven.

  Size: 50 x 40 (image)

  £275 (framed)

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Jamie Henon  

Title: Denim  

Size: 420 x 594mm + frame  


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  Jamie McCartney

  Title: Cool Bratannia C-type
  Photograph Limited Edition of 24

  Size: 90 x 50cm


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Jillian Eldridge

Title: ZigZag Folded

Size: 40 x 50cm


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  Katherine Reekie

  Title: Composition with three frames

  Size: 46 x 56cm


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Kathleen Fox

Title: Those are pearls that were his eyes

Size: 46 X 46


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maisie saunders

Title: Self Portrait 04.

Size: 28.9 x 21 (Frame: 38.5 x 31)


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Marie Louise Miller

Title: Colour Conversation

Size: 50 x 50cm


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Martin Bradshaw

Title: High Rocks

Size: 41 x 49cm


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Michelle Mildenhall  

Title: QE2  
Spray paint and Acrylic on Canvas  

Size: 59 x 42  


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  Nigel Crockett

  Acrylic on board 2018

  Size: 24 x 50cm


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Jennifer Pearce

Title: The Garden

Size: 38 x46cm (framed)


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  Oscar Yasamee

  Title: Mixing
  Oil, newsprint, screenprint on canvas

  Size: 32 x 25cm


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Peter Quinnell  

Title: Special  

Size: approx 50 x 70, about 15cm deep  


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  Rachel Glittenburg

  Title: Curious Beings

  Size: 62 x 57cm


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Robert Sample  

Title: Bookie 21 and Gone  
Oil on Paper  

Size: 59 x 84cm  


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Rod MorrisTitle: Angel, Ciudad Bolivar, Venezuela
Black and White Silver Gelatin PrintSize: 60 x 80£350Link to website


Rowan Bailey

Title: Coal Track

Size: 59.4 x 42 cm



  Rowan Corkill

  Title: Abscission-Sycamore. 2017

  Size: 35 x 43


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Russell Dorey

Title: Blue Cup and Tape Measure

Size: 8′ x 10′ (with frame 12′ x 14′)


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  Sadie Hennessy

  Title: Between a Rock and a Hard Place
  Ltd Edition Photographic Screen Print

  Size: 50 x 50cm

  £220 framed

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Sally Shaw

Title: No Jacket Required
Screenprint on Linen Board

Size: 59 x 59cm



Sam Pullen

Title: Untitled.
Acrylic on Linen


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Sophie Barber  

Title: Azalea Ashburnam  

Size: 58.5 x 81cm  


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Stephanie Fawbert

Title: Towards Rye Harbour
Digital print

Size: 42 x 70cm



  Susan Diamond

  Title: BOOM!

  Size: 80 x 60cm


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Tom BanksTitle: Hillside

Size: 40 x 30cm


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Tom Bartlett  

: #metoo  

Size: 72 x 50  


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Victoria LockleyTitle: Mackerel

Size: 30.3 x 40.6



Wendy Smith  

Title: Dry & High  

Size: 36 x 80.5 cm (framed size)  


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