Coastal Currents

Coastal Currents 2019 and the way ahead

“We are changing the way we look at our environment and town through high quality cultural activities in the public realm, which have a true legacy and impact on the artists involved and our audiences.”
Tina Morris, Festival Director

Coastal Current 2019 to go ahead…

Plans are underway for Coastal Currents 2019. Organiser and Director Tina Morris is pledging to go ahead with the Arts Council application and in the mean time open submissions for 2019 Open Studios and Events.

Applications for OPEN STUDIOS and EVENTS open now. Click here to apply.

An exciting new independent arts festival for East Sussex which attracts international artists and visitors from across the world. There is more and more requirement for the public to create their own celebrations of culture and raise the money to do so, since central government are pulling funds from the arts constantly. We should have a collective conscience to ensure that the next generations get as much access to the arts and participation as possible and if this is through us running our own events, festivals, workshops then so be it.

There is no guarantee we will get Arts Council England funding but we will continue with festival planning, best foot forward as we know we have such amazing support.

Thank you to all those who have helped with the fundraiser – but do keep sharing as every £ means more programming and more festival, therefore more inclusion and more impact!

“Participation in the arts should not be dependent on where people live or their social, educational or financial circumstances.”

“Engagement in structured art and culture improves the cognitive abilities of children and young people.”

“Art activities enable people in social care to pursue creative interests, reducing loneliness and alleviating depression and anxiety among people in these environments.”

“Participation in the arts can contribute to community cohesion, reduce social exclusion and isolation, and make communities feel safer and stronger.”

Arts Council England



*Based on Physical Audience 129,522, Online Reach 362,234, Press Reach 603,674, TV & Radio Reach 67,982 and Extended Reach (over 2018) 700,000. We estimate an additional Legacy Reach of 6,850 DAILY from ongoing exposure to permanent public art. Figures from Coastal Currents 2018 Arts Council England Evaluation.