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Matt Hardman

My paintings are about adults as children and children as adults and the complicated relationships between different personalities.

The Empty Sardine Can Gallery

I’ve exhibited works at the bottom of the garden for many years so that people using the public footpath can have a gander. There are many that return just to see what I’ve been up to.

Catherine Hambridge Designs

Catherine Hambridge is a designer and maker of silver and gold contemporary jewellery. After studying Design and Craft (BA Hons) at Brighton University she now hand makes all her own creations in her sunny Hastings studio,

Sinéid Codd

Responding to the times we are living through, ‘a fuller acquaintance with the archipelago’ invites the viewer to navigate a co-created Lilliputian world.

Annie Soudain

I use my immediate surroundings and my imagination to create images of paintings, linoprints and fabric collages. Most work based on landscapes and seascapes of the local area.