Coastal Currents

Brian Mander – Respire:Suspire


Hastings beach opposite Harold Place, TN34 07801 710178

An installation of figurative sculpture on Hastings beach by Brian Mander. 1920: The confined fears of Miss Nellie Moore were asphyxiation and drowning having witnessed life’s breath taken from those she had cared for and loved, and of all those young seamen whom she so vividly imagined at war. Waiting on the harbour arm, she busied herself with sorting pebbles in concentric circles by colour and size, trying not to look seaward but eventually she could not help herself. Thoughts of those hapless ghosts overcame her like a rolling fog. She held her breath again without drama, without thinking. Voiceless.

No one noticed. No one was there to notice, no one close enough to sense the paused unconscious rhythm of inhalation and exhalation of the cold scouring sea air into her lungs. Nellie’s ungloved hand beneath her scarf gently squeezed her throat between forefinger and thumb. The discomfort was momentary but the memories that had caused her discrete gesture of self harm throttled her.

Opening Hours: 24/7 from 1 September until 31 October


01/09/2020 – 31/10/2020


Harold Place, Hastings, UK