1-30 September 2018
[Open Studios 1/2 and 8/9 Sep]

2017 in Pictures

Coastal Currents 2017 Opening Party 1st September 2017. Hastings UK.

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Coastal Currents 2017 Opening Party 1st September 2017. Hastings UK.

Britannia Enterprise Centre

Waterworks Road, Hastings TN34 1RT

17 great makers/designers/artists

Coastal Currents 2017

Open 11am – 6pm Sept. 2nd/3rd & 9th/10th


Hastings Pier

Hastings Pier was originally designed by renowned Victorian engineer Eugenius Birch and opened in 1872. The opening was a very grand affair, complete with a celebratory banquet. During the after-dinner speech the Earl of Granville declared: “This pier, if I may so use the phrase, appears to me to be a peerless pier – pier without a peer – except, perhaps, the unfortunate peer who is now addressing you”.

Hastings Pier was sadly devastated by a fire in 2010, and what followed was a passionate campaign by the local community to save the pier. Hastings Pier Charity was formed to manage the reconstruction and operation of the pier for the benefit of the local and wider community, and – following grant funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund and other generous organisations, as well as a Community Share Scheme – Hastings Pier reopened to the public in April 2016.

The Pier continues to inspire, entertain and thrill all generations of visitors to this day. Take a look at the fantastic event on offer at Hastings Pier on their website – hastingspier.org.uk




Sunday 3 September from 1pm
On top of Warrior Square Public Toilets (Warrior Square Seafront)

A durational performance testing relations between body and space

Burgoyne’s practice unites process-led, rule-based repetition, endurance, accumulation and duration.
Burgoyne seeks to test or expand alternative relations between body and site with regard to space and thinking. Be they absurd or beguiling, Burgoyne proposes new dialogues and frameworks that seek to generate a condition of becoming, translation and flux instead of stasis; a site of experience rather than merely location.

The chosen site is an elevated, in-between space; buffeted by the sea and passed by a constant flow of traffic. Burgoyne will seek to immerse us in its island-like status, something of a drifting Raft of the Medusa, whilst acknowledging its position as the roof of public toilet and all that this may evoke.

The performance and subsequent film to be shown in the window of the British Heart Foundation shop located on the seafront will see Burgoyne and his colleagues move back and forth, following the changing, sporadic rhythms of the traffic and tides while emphasising the limits of the space. The static toilet roof becomes a turbulent site, seemingly swaying and rocking as an absurd keep-fit workout of sorts ensues.

Greig Burgoyne was born in Glasgow, Scotland; he studied at the HAK Vienna and Royal College of Art London. Recent projects 2016/17 included Quadraturin La confection Idéale Tourcoing France; Breathing Space in collaboration with La Verita Dance Company Brussels at Centre Culturel Balavoine France; Draw to Perform 3 London; Scapelands DrawingBox Tournai (B); WhiteNoise Centre for Recent Drawing London; GapFillers Briggait project spaces 1+2 Wasps Glasgow; FAX Karst Plymouth curated by The Drawing Centre New York

Projects in 2017 include Embodied Cartographies Fringe Arts Bath; WhiteNoise published by Marmalade Visual theory- launch at RIBA London; Close encounters commissioned by The Stove Network Scotland; P/ROPS Ghent Belgium; State of Line- survey of Contemporary Drawing Artworks 1830 gallery Halifax.


TOM DALE – Department of the Interior

Department of the Interior

The Masonic Hall, West Ascent, St Leonards on Sea, TN38 0DR

Private View: Thursday 7 September 6-8pm
Thursday 7 September 11am – 5pm
Friday 8 September 10am – 5pm
Saturday 9 September 10am – 5pm
Sunday 10 September 10am – 4pm


Department of the Interior is a 6.5m high black leatherette bouncy castle that mocks, with absurdity, both institutional and architectural claims for authority.

It is a sculpture that is simultaneously seductive and repulsive; its form and the space within no longer the preserve of inclusive childish pleasures.

They speak instead of adult power games and BDSM practices that are normally played out in spaces concealed from public view.

In spite of the castle’s tactile allure, visitors are strictly forbidden to enter and bounce, forcing them instead to imagine who or what might have that privilege and why.

Like Franz Kafka’s character ‘K’ – attempting to enter
a fictional castle only to be thwarted by invisible and inexplicable governance – Department of the Interior exemplifies the frustration and futility that governance and bureaucracy often pose at an individual and collective level.

Born in Kendal, a Goldsmiths graduate and former Doctoral researcher at Anglia Ruskin University, Dale’s solo exhibitions include the John Hansard gallery and NIMAC, Cyprus, presented film, sculpture, performance and installation.

Dale has just completed a short film A Cage for Voices for Channel 4’.


Hunt & Darton’s NOT Great British Bake Off

Hunt & Darton’s NOT Great British Bake Off
Stade Open Space Saturday 2 September, 2pm

Welcome back festival favourites, the inimitable Hunt and Darton

who will host an interactive and unwieldy bake-off.

Prepare to be totally underwhelmed as the general public go head-to-head for one supreme crap baker to be crowned champion of H&D’s Not Great British Bake Off.

Hunt & Darton as your hosts and adjudicators, have created a ridiculous set of rules and criteria to judge the cake creations. Is your cake tropical or absurd enough, how is it’s movement literacy? What is the concept behind your cream topping?

Join in the baking or the ridiculous judging, build your team or arrive solo, either way join us at 2pm.

There is of course only one winner.

PRIVATE PIER PARTY – to launch ZEROH’s Wavelength


Hastings Pier – Sunday 3 Sep 6-9pm  
Sign up here for an invitation to attend and free fizz first come first served.







Stade Open Space, 20 Rock-A-Nore Rd, Hastings, TN34 3DW

Saturday 9 September, from 7.30pm

LA VERITA present CURRICULUM VITAE – In real time

La Verita is a contemporary Belgian dance company that explores and expands current dance language and performance. Incorporating current issues with extremes in dance movement, La Verita takes the audience on a mesmerising and exhilarating journey.

This is a piece coming out of today’s reality. Curriculum Vitae traces the journey of a group of people who have to leave, or choose to leave their own country, for whatever reason.

Moving from one country to another can change a life, and essentially, change a person. Sacrifice is a necessary evil. Is that something of yourself that existed or rather a feeling that was hidden deep inside of you? Denial comes first, then follow contrasts and false expectations.

You arrived… and now what? An unreal scenery, the new place is like all other places. Taking this decision for your own self, guilt is an inevitable companion along the way. What are the repercussions on the environment left behind? Is that a betrayal to the previous life?

In 2015 LA VERITA was awarded the first prize in the competition ‘Lendemains qui dansent’ competition and have performed as far afield as South Korea, Germany, France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Switzerland, Israel, Czech Republic, Italy, Spain, Greece and Cyprus.


Riz Maslen

Borough Wines, 34 Robertson St, Hastings, TN34 1HT

Saturday 16 September 12:30 – 11pm
Sunday 17 September 12 – 5pm
Live Performance: Saturday 16th September 8.30pm


From the Elsewhere by Riz Maslen

“I breathed a sigh of relief/That shook the mountain down”

Riz Maslen has had an extraordinary career so far –
playing live at Coachella and the Montreaux Jazz Festival, composing for Kew Gardens and the English National Opera, and releasing work on a who’s who of independent labels including R&S/Apollo, Oxygen Music Works and Ninja Tune. But scratch beyond those beginnings and an extraordinary trajectory emerges – of an artist building an aesthetic that breathes both electronically and organically, in which can be heard jazz, folk, psychedelia and post-rock, alongside those electronics, samples and field recordings which characterise her early output.

From the Elsewhere will be a new sonic work from Riz Maslen, drawing on the other and the elsewhere. A place of unknowing, is there somewhere in-between our realities and dreams and if so, what would it be like? The layers of sound will reveal themselves and become immersive allowing the listener to conjure up their own image of The Elsewhere.



As part of the Warrior Square Conveniences project,the four participating artists will screen video works in four shop windows in Hastings from dusk till dawn.

Greig Burgoyne will screen a new piece created from his performance on the opening weekend. Matt Mahony-Page,Kimvi Nguyen and Louise Ashcroft will screen already existing material.

Greig Burgoyne
British Heart Foundation, Hastings Furniture & Electrical Store. 40-41 White Rock, Hastings, TN34 1JL

Burgoyne will show an evolving durational work/ film called Island workout; a performance made on the first weekend of the festival, set within
the raised space above the Warrior Square conveniences. Burgoyne will be seeking to immerse us in its island like status. The film shows the live performance, which sees Burgoyne along with other participants move back and forth following the changing, sporadic rhythms of

the traffic and tide, bringing this tempo into the space. The resulting film sees a static toilet roof become a turbulent site seemingly swaying and rocking, as the absurd keep-fit workout unfolds.


Kimvi Nguyen
Buddy’s Computers, 188 Queens Road, Hastings, TN34 1RG


Kimvi’s personal struggle with drawing and an interest in markmaking enables performative actions to manifest within her creative process. She often uses her body to create the mark or be the mark itself.kimvi.co.uk

Matt Mahony-Page
Cash Generators, 40-41 Queens Road, Hastings, TN34 1RE

“The setting, I think, is important when approaching video work and the eventual actions that go into it. I’ll actively seek areas which the live setting of my performance can’t satisfy, areas of public disinterest or out of the public gaze but still within the public domain”.


Louise Ashcroft
Voodoo Sirens, 60 George Street, Hastings, TN34 3EE

Seaside Screensavers

The bizarre alter egos of your chip shop favorites, the sausage and the fish, feature in these humorous animated screensavers by Louise Ashcroft, possessing the monitor in the window of a Hastings shop.