• Coastal Currents 2017

    Coastal Currents 2017

    COASTAL CURRENTS 2017 OPEN STUDIOS – 2/3 & 9/10 SEPTEMBER EVENTS – 2 SEPTEMBER to 1 OCTOBER You can submit any event that takes place during the Festival dates of 2 SEPTEMBER to 1 OCTOBER or even place advertising beyond these dates to make the most of the great distribution and advertising that being part of Coastal Currents affords. OPEN STUDIOS and EVENTS will be as per normal […]

  • FILM of Coastal Currents

    FILM of Coastal Currents

  • Sponsor the 2017 festival

    Sponsor the 2017 festival

    We are actively seeking sponsors for the 2017 festival. Whether you sponsor and event, a piece of the puzzle or as an overall festival sponsor, your contribution makes a considerable impact on the sustainability of Coastal Currents. The festival relies heavily on support in-kind, sponsors and local business kindness as it is only partly funded and looks to always underwrite […]