ROPE – Lyndall Phelps

Rope – Lyndall Phelps
21 – 25 September,
12noon – 6pm
CC Shipping Containers by Swan Boating Lake, Hastings Old Town

Lyndall’s artistic practice is site/context specific and strongly process based. References in her work include an eclectic mix of history, science, horticulture and women’s craft. Lyndall’s work affords the chance to see the familiar in a different light, seeking to invite a sense of wonder which stimulates curiosity and intrigue.

In 2001 Lyndall Phelps began to knit a red rope. Some seven years later she had completed three ropes, each made from wool of a single primary
colour – red, blue, and yellow – now ready to be taken out on location. Each measures 100 metres in length, and is composed of some 30,000 rows of knitting and 900,000 stitches.


Phelps explains, “Rope has become an ironic homage to minimalism and the monochrome; it is a formal work of pure colour”. Each of the ropes has been
meticulously hand knitted by Phelps. “The repetitive production process references both mechanised fabrication and domestic craft.” She adds, “each new opportunity, or development of the work affords a different context, allowing Rope to continually evolve and take on new meaning.” This evolution continues with Coastal Currents, where Rope will be shown in a shipping container on the seafront.

Phelps is currently artist in residence for the Institute of Physics, London. Commissions and exhibitions include the Natural History Museum, London; University of Hertfordshire; Great Eastern Hotel, London and Firstsite, Colchester.

“Phelps has developed a distinguished practice that places her work within a specific frame of research and brings into reference other fields of expertise and disciplines. With one foot in the past and the other firmly in
the contemporary, Phelps’ art crosses historical and cultural episodes of human endeavor.”
Michael Stanley, Former Director of Milton Keynes Gallery and Modern Art Oxford

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