Save Me by Search Party

Image credit – Jim Banks

Save Me by Search Party

Saturday 5 October, 11am – 4pm - Hastings seafront promenade, near the crazy golf.

Sunday 6 October, 11am – 4pm
 - De La Warr Pavilion promenade

Amidst the seafront promenades of Hastings and the De La Warr Pavilion, two lonely figures stand far apart from one another, attempting to communicate using only semaphore flags and a little help from passers by. Save Me playfully challenges the boundaries of intimacy and separation. Using flags instead of spoken words, the performers attempt an on-going conversation that communicates across the space between them, exposing stories that are hidden, encoded, that simmer beneath the surface.

“Hugely cheering…a compelling, quirky drama.”

The Guardian

Standing atop metre high platforms, the flagged conversations are improvised and written down on large chalkboards. Sometimes they struggle to read each other and the errors and mis-communications are documented too.

Audience members are invited to share their own stories of separation on yellow tags, which they write and then tie to the platforms. The tags ask three simple questions:
1) Who are you apart from?
2) Where are they now?
3) What would you like to say to them?

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