METALIBRARY – Christina Mitrentse

Christina Mitrentse

1 – 5 October, 12noon – 6pm

6 October, 12noon – 5pm
Artists talk Saturday 5 October, 4.30pm

CC Shipping Container by Swan Boating Lake, Hastings Old Town

We invite you to be part of the METALIBRARY by bringing your favourite book on the themes of history, geography and maps to the container from Monday 30th September – Sunday 6th October between 12 and 5.30pm

The METALIBRARY is an interactive and participatory floor based installation conceived by multidisciplinary artist/educator Christina Mitrentse. Part of the artist’s ongoing, international Book Art project initiative Add To My Library which has attracted over 200 participants from as far afield as China. This installation is part of the artist’s evolving critical and participatory dialogue with international communities. Flags and emblems are an ongoing interest for Mitrentse.

For Coastal Currents Mitrentse’s work interprets the Anglo-Saxon and Hastings flag, which forms the layout for the floor installation. Mitrentse will supply books from her own collection and those sourced from local bookshops and charity shops on the themes of maps, geography and history. Audiences are invited to bring and add/loan their own books throughout the exhibition. They are also encouraged to read and rearrange a variety of book titles and to share their stories while adding their favourite book, all of which will add to and result in the construction of the METALIBRARY in the continual Bibliographic Data flow. Shown alongside the METALIBRARY will be a selection of Mitrense’s limited edition screenprints Flag/Emblems that juxtapose notions of education in relation to the belief systems represented within these global symbols.

The paradox of Mitrentse’s project is that it is both a sign of dissipation, of the loss of knowledge and the means for its transmission, and a conscious recouping or preservation of the culture of the book” 
Peter Suchin art critic Art Monthly/Frieze 

Mitrentse has exhibited extensively including Liverpool Biennial, XV Biennale de Mediterranean Thess/niki-Rome, ICA (London), NDSM-werf Amsterdam, Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art and The Centre of Book Arts, NY. METALIBRARY will be presented at the Women’s Art Library in September and in Nadine Feront Gallery, Brussels, in Spring 2014.

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