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Sharon Haward – Seaside Hotel

Sat 15 Sept, 5 – 9pm
St Mary in the Castle, Pelham Arcade, Hastings

Just for one day, three artists resurrect St Mary In The Castle to create unique pieces, contemplating moments of transition and a question of belonging.

Sharon Haward
The pelham project
Architecture, buildings and deserted spaces all offer an opportunity to reflect on the nature of our relationships with the built environment and its history. Often the absence of people or the traces they leave behind suggest feelings of melancholy and in ‘the pelham project’ Haward employs webcams and projections to capture a slippery sense of the past and present, of momentary shadows and of light and shade. Hidden narratives emerge to embrace the audience in a mirage-like grip.




The other artists involved in Seaside Hotel are: Marina Tsartsara and Miranda Sharp

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