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Miranda Sharp – Seaside Hotel

Sat 15 Sept, 5 – 9pm
St Mary in the Castle, Pelham Arcade, Hastings

Just for one day, three artists resurrect St Mary In The Castle to create unique pieces, contemplating moments of transition and a question of belonging.

Miranda Sharp
Room with a sea view 2012
Have you ever longed for your own sea view? Can a photograph or video be used as a piece of visual data to examine our feelings towards the sea view?

Select your favourite sea view out of those donated by the generous public for private viewing or bring along your own on a USB stick for the ‘Institute of the Sea views’ which will be added online to its database.

Sharp will then write a personal reflection about your sea view. All views must be taken from inside a room. Sea views collated will be part of ongoing research into our relationship with the sea view and land.

The sea is history… (D, Walcott, 1990). It is only with the presence and perception of people and their active engagement that such memories are realised and released.
(J, Phelan, 2007, Goldsmiths Anthropology research papers)


The other artists are: Sharon Haward and Marina Tsartsara

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