Kate Murdoch 10×10

Stade Hall, Old Town, Hastings

Wed 19 – 21 Sept, 4 – 7pm
Exhibition of objects

Wed 19 Sept, 7pm
Artists Talk with Kate Murdoch

Sat 22 Sept, 5 – 8pm
Swap Action

The 10 x 10 Project is an everchanging display of 100 objects.
Wherever it goes, people are asked to take one item and leave something in its place.
The only rules are:
• One swap per person
• The item must fit in the display space (14.5cm x 14.5cm)

10 x 10 was originally created by Kate Murdoch in response to a call for art around the theme of trade and currency. 10 x 10 asks:
What is an object worth to you?
How much do you want it and what are you prepared to give in return?

Kate Murdoch is an artist whose work reflects a fascination with the passage of time and the contrast between the permanence of objects and the fragility of human existence.