Exico vol.2

Marcin Dudek
8 – 12 Sept
Sat & Sun, 12noon – 6pm
Mon, Tue, Wed, 11am – 4pm

Stade Hall, Old Town, Hastings

An intervention blasted through a gallery’s interior walls, Exico opens up an alternative road inside an existing structure.

The entrance-exit path substitutes the expected route of movement, defying official control and eluding to borderline tunnels like the notorious illegal diggings on the Mexican-American frontier, or those used to supply Gaza’s underground resistance to military occupation. Very often such tunnels are found in the most unusual places, under a doormat or below a bed.

An unexpected opening, Exico triggers the same sense of fascination with what lies beyond. The viewer feels a desire to step inside: to explore the passageway, to touch the rough hewn materials that underlie the museum’s veil of white.

Marcin Dudek, Polish artist born in 1979, graduate from Central Saint Martins College of Art, London.
Employing simple, everyday materials to create a wide variety of methodically researched work, Dudek’s output is characterised by disarming spontaneity; a sense of objects exploding into being.




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